SAMMON calls on KWETB to take-over indemnity of ETBI carpark at Pipers Hill

Fine Gael Councillor for the Naas Municipal District, Evie Sammon is calling on Kildare Wicklow Educational Training Board to take over the indemnity of the Educational Training Board Ireland’s carpark at Pipers Hill.

Councillor Sammon said: “I believe that it is of the utmost importance that comprehensive solutions are put in place to tackle the traffic chaos at the Pipers Hill Educational Campus both in the short-term, and on a long-term basis.

“Educational Training Boards Ireland have explained that their insurers identified the management of traffic flow in the ETBI car park as a high risk for the organisation. As such, the ETBI have erected a barrier, which is causing traffic chaos, particularly when parents and guardians are dropping their children to school in the morning.

“I would be concerned that, due to the traffic pressures which have resulted from the erection of the barrier at the ETBI carpark, the chances of an accident involving vehicles travelling to school, or indeed children hopping out of such vehicles. Therefore, I believe it vital that we find a resolution to this issue as soon as possible.

“In order to provide a short-term solution, which would assist parents, those driving to the KWETB campus, and which would also respect the issues for ETBI as they relate to insurance, I am calling for the KWETB to examine the feasibility of taking over the insurance indemnity of the carpark. Then they could raise the barrier and allow access at rush hours for the educational campus. This would be in the best interests of the students, parents and guardians, and indeed public safety.

“However, we must also work to put in place a long-term solution. I believe we must develop a safe drop-off zone and a path into the Pipers Hill Educational Campus. We must also develop a traffic management plan to ensure public safety on our roads around the Educational Campus, and I believe we must work to provide a second entrance and exit to the campus itself.

“As a local Fine Gael Councillor, I will work to ensure the concerns of those impacted by the erection of a barrier at the ETBI carpark are heard, and I believe that by taking over the indemnity of this carpark KWETB could provide a short-term solution, while a long-term solution is put in place.”

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