Sammon welcomes planning permission for 81 houses in Ballymore Eustace

Fine Gael Councillor for the Naas Municipal District, Evie Sammon has welcomed the granting of planning permission for 81 houses in Ballymore Eustace, which is the first significant housing development in the local community in over a decade.

Councillor Sammon stated: “In a time where many people in search of a home are finding it difficult to get on the property ladder, or find a housing solution which meets their needs, it is vital that we pursue sustainable development in our local communities.

“In this regard, I am pleased with the granting of planning permission by Kildare County Council for 81 homes in Ballymore Eustace. This will be the first significant planning development in our local community in over a decade.

“As a young person, I understand the difficulties that many people my age are facing in terms of trying to save for a mortgage to get on the housing ladder and in relation to significant rental costs.

“The delivery of these homes in Ballymore Eustace will be beneficial for our community and for young people in Ballymore Eustace looking to remain living locally. As the local Fine Gael Councillor, I will work diligently to ensure out local services and infrastructure are equipped to cater for the growth of our village.

“At the last meeting for the Naas Municipal District, I raised the issue of the Coughlanstown Road Slope Remediation works. As this development is located on the Coughlanstown Road I would be hopeful that work on the road will commence as soon as possible to reconnect the people of Coughlanstown with the village of Ballymore Eustace and allow for this development.

“As per the planning permission, these new homes will be developed in two phases, with the first phase consisting of 39 dwellings, public open space parkland and a gym.

“The second phase of the development cannot be occupied until the completion of Phase 1, unless otherwise agreed with the Planning Authority, and this Phase will consist of the remaining homes, commercial units and a crèche.

“I am pleased that facilities such as a crèche and gym are included in this development. With the likelihood that young families may avail of these new homes in our community, and with the childcare pressures which exist, it is vital that we ensure all new housing developments are catered for when it comes to childcare services, in order to ensure existing services are not placed under undue pressures, and to ensure children and families in our community receive the supports they both require and deserve.

“This development in Ballymore Eustace will also provide a significant boost for our local businesses and ensure our village thrives in the years ahead.

“In this context, it is also vital, in the coming years, as our community in Ballymore Eustace, and indeed the entire Naas Municipal District, continues to grow, that the Department of Education and Skills work to ensure our schools are supported and that we have adequate schooling places in both primary and secondary schools to cater for local children.

“As a local Fine Gael councillor, I am committed to working to support families, and all individuals in the Naas Municipal District, and I believe this development for Ballymore Eustace has the potential to benefit and strengthen our community.”

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